Friday, 4 May 2012

A Chorus Line

It's hard not to get excited about such things - small as they are - but here it comes: I'VE BEEN PUBLISHED IN AN OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER! WHOOPDEEDOO! *dances the little happy jiggity dance and does a headstand*

Yes, it's my first review in print. And I am understandably a little more than pleased with myself. The feeling should pass.

On the whole, not much to add to what is in print. Except that I liked A Chorus Line far more than I liked musicals like Wicked! or The Lion King - both of which ran recently in Singapore and which I avoided. There is something artificial after a while about the whole "Big props! Big costumes! Big wigs! Big belt-y tunes! Big epic romantic/tragic storyline!" philosophy that seems to run through most musicals these days. A Chorus Line is charming precisely because it is the complete opposite: small, intimate, and heartfelt.

Kudos to MBS for bringing this production in. I only note with some irony that even the organisers acknowledge that not many will share my preference for small lesser-known musicals like these: the three-week run is very much shorter than Wicked!'s four month-long spree.